LPN Programs in Illinois

Studying to become an LPN in Illinois is a great way to open nursing job opportunities. In this state, the LPNs comprise 17% of their nursing population. There are many Illinois nursing schools and universities that are willing to provide information when you are pursuing a degree leading to an LPN career. Illinois Practical Nursing programs are a student’s quickest way to become a nurse. Earning this degree means studying for a year that includes clinical and classroom attendance. 

Every Illinois-licensed LPN is under a 24-month renewal cycle and is required to accomplish 20 hours of continued education courses. These courses are also approved by the Illinois State Board of Nursing. 

Here are some of the leading nursing educators in this state – 

Harper College 

A two-year community college that is situated in Palatine, IL; this institution was founded in 1965 but it never officially opened till 1967. The school was named after Dr. William Rainey Harper who was a junior college movement pioneer. The campus spreads across 200 acres of land. 

A student who is looking for a state-of-the-art learning environment would do well to enroll in the school’s nursing department. It is best to secure a seat in their limited enrollment Practical Nursing program. The program consists of 37 credit hours prior to the student’s certification. It is inclusive of both theoretical and clinical learning which can be completed in just one year. 

Illinois Central College 

This is a large community educational institution situated in East Peoria which was established in 1966. ICC offers many certificate and Associate’s Degree programs but if you want to become an LPN, their Practical Nursing program is your best option. 

The ICC Practical Nursing Program is specifically designed to train nursing graduates in just two semesters and a summer session. There are four nursing courses which come with science and general education courses. Students can look forward to lots of audiovisual materials, didactic instruction, computer assignments, skills lab attendance, periodical readings, and group discussions coupled with clinical experience. Clinical experience will be set up at hospitals, nursing homes or community health agencies. 

This program is Illinois Department of Professional Regulation approved. 

Kaskaskia College 

This is the oldest community college in Illinois, with an enrollment of more than 11,000 annually. Founded in 1940, the college offers various areas of study. If you wish to become a licensed practical nurse, then you should enroll in the school’s Practical Nursing program. 

The AAS Degree or Certificate program is a three-semester program that offers theory and clinical experiences. You get to work in a variety of health care settings such as community settings, acute care, long-term care, clinics and doctor’s offices. 

The program requirements include a semester of college or two semesters of high school Algebra and Biology together with a computer course. A grade of C or better is required in each of the PN classes.  

Southeastern Illinois College 

Called SIC, this college is famous for its public community colleges in Harrisburg, IL. The secondary campus is in Carmi which was established in 1960. The program options include Associate’s Degree and certificate programs. 

The Division’s Practical Nursing programs have two types which are the traditional and hybrid programs. These are approved by many appropriate agencies which includes the Illinois Department of Public Health as well as the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation.

The Southeastern nursing faculty is there to assist students who are committed to become nurses at the shortest possible time. Their PN curriculum is organized by using the integrated systems approach. This is based on the nursing process and basic needs; teaching methods and clinical hours are designed for principle application and problem solving. 

The successful candidate is accepted as soon as she passes this rank order process – 

You should pass the Phase I and Phase II courses including Medication Calculations; Medical Terminology; Health Care Provider CPR; Intro to Anatomy and Physiology; Introduction to Psychology; Anatomy and Physiology I and II; and Rhetoric and Composition. 

If you completes these courses, you can then level up to the ADN general education courses. If you have not completed High School Chemistry or has a grade lower than C, you will be required to take CHEM 123 or College Chemistry; Biology 261 and 242.   

There are 57 nursing schools in Illinois that provide LPN program. We gathered some key information about each school to help you learn more about the schools' characteristics and the programs they provide.

Where applicable we also list weighted average NCLEX pass rate of the students who attended the schools in the last 3 years.

Ambria College of Nursing
Hoffman Estates, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 89.30%
  • PN: 99.10%

Americare Technical School
Park Ridge, IL

Black Hawk College
Moline, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 91.20%
  • PN: 97.30%

Carl Sandburg College
Galesburg, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 77.90%
  • PN: 96.20%

City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X College
Chicago, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 86.80%
  • PN: 97.10%

CMK Healthcare
Clarendon Hills, IL

College of DuPage
Glen Ellyn, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 78.70%
  • PN: 94.00%

Danville Area Community College
Danville, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 74.90%
  • PN: 96.10%

East St. Louis Community College Center
East St. Louis, IL

Elgin Community College
Elgin, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 85.90%
  • PN: 94.90%

Frontier Community College
Fairfield, IL

Heartland Community College
Normal, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 92.80%
  • PN: 100.00%

Illinois Central College
East Peoria, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 74.80%
  • PN: 99.10%

Illinois Valley Community College
Oglesby, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 92.70%
  • PN: 100.00%

International Career Institute
Lincolnwood, IL

J Renee College
Elgin, IL

John A Logan College
Carterville, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 94.30%
  • PN: 96.60%

John Wood Community College
Quincy, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 87.00%
  • PN: 97.30%

Joliet Junior College
Joliet, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 94.20%
  • PN: 98.90%

Kankakee Community College
Kankakee, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 88.70%
  • PN: 100.00%

Kaskaskia College
Centralia, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 91.00%
  • PN: 89.80%

Kishwaukee College
Malta, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 93.60%

Lake Land College
Mattoon, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 88.10%
  • PN: 92.80%

Lincoln Land Community College
Springfield, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 92.10%
  • PN: 89.80%

Lincoln Trail College
Robinson, IL

McHenry County College
Crystal Lake, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 95.10%

Moraine Valley Community College
Palos Hills, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 85.70%
  • PN: 82.20%

Morton College
Cicero, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 76.80%
  • PN: 100.00%

Oakton Community College
Des Plaines, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 91.70%
  • PN: 96.20%

Olney Central College
Olney, IL

PC Center Training Institute
Oak Brook, IL

Rend Lake College
Ina, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 82.90%
  • PN: 97.30%

Richland Community College
Decatur, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 85.30%
  • PN: 73.20%

Rock Valley College
Rockford, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 86.70%

Sauk Valley Community College
Dixon, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 87.30%
  • PN: 94.90%

Shawnee Community College
Ullin, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 85.80%
  • PN: 97.80%

Southeastern Illinois College
Harrisburg, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 96.90%
  • PN: 98.70%

Spoon River College
Canton, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 90.10%
  • PN: 100.00%

Wabash Valley College
Mount Carmel, IL

William Rainey Harper College
Palatine, IL

Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 90.90%
  • PN: 98.90%

William Rainey Harper College
Palatine, IL

Closed Schools/Programs

Parkland College
Champaign, IL

LPN Program closed in 2006
Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 80.60%

South Suburban College
South Holland, IL

LPN Program closed in 2012

Triton College
River Grove, IL

LPN Program closed
Average NCLEX pass rate
  • RN: 83.20%