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To calculate current semester GPA, simply start adding credit hours and grades for each course under the section that says Current Semester. Click on the add course button to add more courses and click on the small red button to remove any course from the calculation. Your GPA will be automatically calculated and displayed in blue text. To calculate cumulative GPA, add the previous semester's cumulative GPA and the total credit hours completed. Your cumulative GPA will be automatically calculated and displayed in red.

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Most colleges consider C as the minimum  acceptable grade for admission or to grant you credit for the courses you took. In our GPA calculator we made available all possible grades starting from A+ to F to accommodate all.

How to Convert Your GPA

To calculate your GPA manually, please use the conversion table below to convert the latter grades into their corresponding number values. Then multiply the numbers by their respective credit hour to get quality points for each course. Finally add all quality points and divide the total value of quality point by the total number of credit hours.

GradesValue in PercentValue in 4.0 Scale
FBelow 650

What is a Credit Hour?

Credit hours represent the number of clock hours (or contact hours) you spend attending classroom lectures or in the lab per week. So, if you are taking a course with 3 credit hours that means you will be in classroom 3 times for one hour each, every week, for one semester.  Usually a one credit hour course requires  one and half hour additional work outside of classroom doing homework and studying, etc. 

What is the difference between a Course and a Program?

A program is a series of courses you took in college in order to earn an academic credential such as diploma, associate or bachelor's degree. On the other hand courses are building blocks of a program. A degree program usually made up of 40 courses or 120 credit hours. The total time it takes to complete a typical degree program is 8 semesters or 4 calendar years.