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Entry Level Programs

Almost all entry level nursing programs are offered on campus. You may find few nursing schools that offer partially on campus and partially online nursing programs but their number is decreasing from time to time. If you are an adult student who wants to go to school while working, try nursing schools with evening and weekend class options.

Before you enroll in any LPN or RN program, make sure the program is approved by state board of nursing. You will find approval status information for all entry level programs on our website but please double check this information with your state's board of nursing. It also helps if the program is accredited by CCNE or NLNAC especially if you plan on advancing your education in the future or to secure your dream job. Joining accredited nursing program also helps to qualify for a number of nursing scholarships.

In addition to ADN and BSN programs we also gathered nursing diploma programs that lead to RN license. You can find them here.

Accelerated Programs

If you are a professional who has a bachelor or advance degree in a different field, you can change your profession to nursing through one of these two accelerated programs.

Note: Due to the speed and intensity of the programs, they are usually offered full-time in a campus setting. When joining one of these programs be prepared to stay fully committed to your education for 12 to 18 months.

Accelerated MSN Programs

The number of direct-entry MSN programs is low compared to accelerated BSN program. But The number is constantly growing. At the moment there are about 90 nursing schools that offer this program. A dozen more will open in the coming few months.

Accelerated MSN programs

Graduate Programs

Most graduate nursing programs are offered online or in hybrid mode. However RN to MSN programs are always offered in classroom setting. Most graduate programs are accredited by CCNE and only accepts applicants who graduated from other accredited programs.

Note: We have grouped all graduate programs under Master's and Doctoral Category. If you are searching for a particular graduate program such as RN to MSN, MSN, DNP, BSN to DNP, etc use the above search function for speedy access. You can also browse through all graduate programs by state using the lists on the right.