About Nursing Explorer

Nursing Explorer is a career and education resource website that strives to provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information to students who wish to become nurses and to professional nurses who wish to advance their career.

Here are some of the free resources we provide:

  • Scholarships database with over 14,000 financial aid opportunities 
  • A continuously growing list of nursing programs organized by degree types and location. 
  • Proximity search tool that helps to find nursing schools by distance.
  • Save and compare nursing programs side-by-side.
  • A well-organized nursing specialties guides
  • Nursing programs and education guides that: 
    • help you learn more about the types of entry-level, graduate, bridge and accelerated nursing programs
    • help you learn more about the time it takes to complete each type of program and how much each program type costs.
    • help you learn the admission requirements and prerequisites for each type of nursing program.
    • help you learn more about different types of nursing entrance exams and NCLEX

Our Contributors

We work closely with nurses to source the content we provide on this website. The combined work experience of our contributors is well over a century.  See the full list of our contributors here.

Data Sources

We use the following data sources to provide the information you see on our website: