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In a nutshell, NursingExplorer is a resource website that helps individuals learn about the nursing profession and the education requirements in order to become a licensed nurse in the US. We started the website in 2012 with a simple goal of building a nice little website that can help students explore this vast and ever-expanding profession in an easy and clear way. Since then, we built one of the most complete nursing schools database on the web that contains over 3,000 schools and over 7,500+ programs across 50 states, we built a scholarships database  that hosts over 15,000 financial aid opportunities that can be used by any student (both nursing and non-nursing majors), we also created a comprehensive career guide that covers over 100 nursing specialties.

If you are new to nursing you can use our website, to learn about the various education paths that lead to nursing licenses and the pros and cons of each path and the cost associated with them. You can also use our careers section to explore the endless job possibilities available to you once you get your nursing license.

If you are a nurse, you might use the website to research schools that can help you advance your education. For example, if you are an RN with an associate degree and planning to complete your BSN, you should check out the RN-to-BSN section or if you are LPN and want to become RN, the most popular bridge program is LPN-to-ADN and also we have LPN-to-BSN section for those who wish to go straight to BSN.

Before you apply to any school, check out our scholarships section, there are great financial aid opportunities that can help you pay for your education. Most of the scholarships are not limited to students majoring in nursing, there is something for anyone. So even if you're not going to nursing school, it is worth to have a look.

Here are some of our popular resources and tools:

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Carrie Carrie BSN, RN


Carrie has been a registered nurse for 14 years and works at a local hemodialysis outpatient center. She has experience in cardiac nursing, orthopedic rehabilitation and nephrology nursing. Carrie has been freelance writing for three years and has written many articles on nursing, health and wellness and exercise.

Kelli Kelli RN, BSN

Patricia Patricia RN PhD RH-AHG


Patricia has been a Registered Nurse for almost forty years in a wide variety of settings. As a Registered Nurse, she realized that conventional healthcare was not meeting the needs of all patients. She became an herbalist and obtained a PhD in Natural Health. Patricia is a professional member of the American Herbalist’s Guild, passing the stringent peer reviewed process to become a Registered Herbalist.

Sarah Sarah MSN, RN


Sarah Gehrke, RN, MSN, has 15 years of professional experience in infusion services. She specializes in providing intravenous (I.V.) nutritional therapy by administering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream. She plans, evaluates, and implements interventions for a wide variety of conditions including: infections (cold/flu), allergies, fatigue, migraines/headaches, fibromyalgia, depression, and nutrient deficiencies. Providing the patient and family with psychosocial and emotional support is an imperative complement to her implementing I.V. therapy. She takes a step-by-step approach to I.V. insertion to ensure safety and accuracy every single time. As a patient advocate, she participates in research and quality improvement studies to promote the use of evidence-based practice. She is an active member of the American Nurses Association and is certified in CPR. She participates in the mentoring program for nursing students at University of Phoenix. Her personalized approach in supplementing and enhancing student’s education is non-threatening and non-judgmental.