Nursing Career Guide

Nursing is a great career. Nurses are there when a baby takes its first breath and when an elderly patient takes his last. No other profession offers so much diversity and opportunity. Explore the endless possibilities of a nursing career, education requirements, and earning potential.

Nursing Programs

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult who plans to return back to school, there are nursing programs that are right for you. Once you decide on the type of nursing degree you want to pursue use our nursing programs database to find schools that will help you earn your degree.

Scholarships Database

Nursing school is not cheap. An entry-level nursing degree, such as ADN costs between $10,000 and $50,000. Luckily state and federal governments provide grants and loans that can be used to finance your education. Start by applying to FAFSA and use our scholarships database to look for additional money.

Nursing Career Spotlight
Scrub Nursing

Scrub nursing is a specialty where the nurse is an expert in operative nursing and works closely with surgeons and other surgical staff to ensure a smooth procedure, minimize complications, and continuously assist with maintaining a sterile field.  Surgical nurses are known as scrub nurses and work in the surgical suite to assist with surgery while maintaining a sterile field.  Scrub nurses work in clinical facilities like hospitals and surgery centers. Scrub nurses assist surgeons with surgical procedures on patients throughout the lifespan and with a large variety of surgical conditions including gallbladder removal, cardiac surgery, joint replacements, and hysterectomy .    

Scrub nurses typically work during the day shift during the typical work week in both the hospital and [...]

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