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10 Celebrities With Nursing Background

The field of Nursing is very noble profession that can offer you countless doors of opportunities whether it is at hospitals, the army, cruise lines, airlines, and guess what? Even in the showbiz! But the focus of this post is not how you can get into showbiz as a nurse rather to tell you about your everyday celebrities who used to be a nurse before they became famous as an artist. Kim Zolciak Kimberleigh “Kim” Zolciak is an American TV personality who first appeared in reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is also known for her hit single country album Tardy for the Wedding in 2009. This housewife of Italian descent studied nursing at the University of Connecticut […]

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shadow a nurse program

What is Shadow a Nurse Program?

Many young people want to experience a career for a day or more before deciding to dedicate years of studying in college. That’s what a shadow a nurse program is all about, experiencing the career of nursing for a short time to see if it’s right for you.These types of programs are usually offered to high school students during their senior year. If you are not a high school student and would like to participate in this program, call the human resources department at your local hospital and inquire if they can arrange for you to shadow a nurse. Most hospitals are happy to oblige, since nurses are always needed and will be in more demand as years go by. […]

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