32 NCLEX Review Services and Courses With Price

Preparing for the NCLEX exam is something that every nursing student must take seriously. This is not a simple little test that has some cutesy true and false; it is a comprehensive exam that will test your knowledge and assessment skills to the limits. You will need to be able to integrate nursing processes through ascertaining the cognitive ability and needs of your patients. Whether it’s psychosocial integrity, health promotion, and maintenance, or physiological integrity — you’ve got to know the difference and rightly apply it in every patient scenario that you are presented with.

As much as your instructors have prepared you for this test throughout your nursing school years, it is strongly recommended that each nursing school graduate uses an additional post-school program to help them prepare for the NCLEX exam. These tests are worded slightly differently than you may be used to seeing on your school’s exams, and this benefit can be the key for you.

This article will help you look at various NCLEX review services and the benefit and learning opportunities they offer. You may be a book learner or prefer online options — whichever you need, you’ll be able to quickly look through and find the ones that suit you.

Just a hint, when looking at the list, do not merely look at the price. Price should not be a significant consideration when initially choosing an NCLEX review program, because 20 or 30 dollars should not be the deciding factor between receiving your Registered Nurse license and failing. You should select a program that is focused on your style of learning so that you can excel it.

1. UWorld

UWorld Has 2000+ challenging questions with the ability to work on specific questions to study specific concepts with multiple styles of questions including “Select All that Apply” and “Hotspot” questions. The recommended program has a one-time reset option for the test if you find that you are not really ready for the exam.

  • Pros: Offers a self-assessment test that mimics the real exam and can show your possibility of passing.
  • Cons: The material is not yours to keep. This is an access-based system. You can purchase access to the questions for 30-730 days.
  • Cost: Price ranges from $119 – 349. One or two self-assessments may be included within the multiple plans.
  • Delivery method: Online and self-paced. It also is usable on smartphones for easy access on the go
  • Website: https://www.uworld.com/nclex/nclex_rn_home.aspx

2. Kaplan

One of the most famous names in NCLEX review is Kaplan Nursing. The program offers six months of access with 2100+ practice questions, and also a helpful decision tree method, which can help break down items to understand them better.

  • Pros: Offers a 7-day free trial with access to live sessions and 50 practice questions to see to help you test whether you would like the full access.
  • Cons: Does not offer personalized tutoring.
  • Cost: $399 for a self-guided study program, $499 for Instructor-led programs.
  • Delivery method: Kaplan has two ways to learn. One is an Instructor-Led preparation that is held in some major cities, or it can be online. The second method is a self-guided program.
  • Website: https://www.kaptest.com/nclex

3. Hurst Review

With a dedicated three-step process, the Hurst Review Services can help prepare you for the NCLEX. Students who went through Hurst review have a 98.6% passing rate.

  • Pros: Offers Live and Streaming programs so that you can have direct access to the core-content lectures. Payment plans are available for the classes. You can customize your test with subjects that you struggle with, and there are four simulated NCLEX exams to practice.
  • Cons: The information is only available for 7-14 days for the Live and Streaming programs. After that, you will still have access to specialty topics.
  • Cost: $325-399 – In the springtime, there may be reduced rates for graduating classes
  • Delivery method: Offers streaming, in-class, and self-study programs.
  • Website: https://www.hurstreview.com/

4. ATI Test Prep for NCLEX

A slightly different style of NCLEX prep is the ATI program. You can pick and choose which method of preparation is best for you. They have personal Virtual-ATI coach that can help create tests that are focused towards your learning needs.

  • Pros: 97% passing rate with Green Light. Their test bank has almost 5000 questions, and also offers a comprehensive review indicator that can help indicate your readiness for the test. Offers a green-light program that if you obtain the green light and fail your exam, you will receive another 12 weeks of the program for free.
  • Cons: Program is 12 weeks long
  • Cost: $499
  • Delivery method: Online program
  • Website: https://www.atitesting.com/nclex-prep

5. NRSNG Academy

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to the above NCLEX study programs, NRSNG Academy can be beneficial to you.

  • Pros: Offers a free package of 10 minutes of daily study.
  • Cons: Only a self-study program
  • Cost: 10 minutes a day is free. $15/month for unlimited study time, quizzes, and chat support. $30/month will allow you to have study time and quizzes, but includes the NCLEX simulator test, cheat sheets for quick study, and question-saving options.
  • Delivery method: Online, self-study.
  • Website: https://www.nrsng.com/


A mobile-friendly NCLEX preparation course with over 1500 questions.

  • Pros: Offers specialized tips, mnemonics, and links to specialized knowledge such as Epocrates online, A.D.A.M. anatomy and physiology, and medical dictionaries.
  • Cons: No access to live teachers or forums.
  • Cost: 3-week plan is $50, 5-week plan is $70, 8-week plan $100, and 15-week plan is $160
  • Delivery method: Online and self-paced only
  • Website: https://www.ncsbn.org/4762.htm

7. Caring for You NCLEX Prep

Caring for You provides a unique approach to studying for the NCELX. You can purchase individual seminars covering specific topics (such as delegation and prioritizing). Also offers a special section for foreign nurses who plan to take the exam.

  • Pros: Instead of a dedicated program and testing question banks, this offers resources and forums for you. Also offers personalized tutoring.
  • Cons: No testing bank or testing simulators.
  • Cost: $150 for audios. $50/hr for personalized tutoring
  • Delivery method: Email delivery
  • Website: http://www.caring4you.net/review.htm

8. Judy Miller Nursing Consulting Services

If you want private tutoring and education videos for preparing for the NCLEX exam, you should check this out this service.

  • Pros: A streaming subscription service allows you to have access to the content when you need it.
  • Cons: Does not offer online practice questions or a testing simulator. Will need to contact Judy Miller for pricing for tutoring.
  • Cost: $50/month or $450 for full access to the RN tutor videos
  • Delivery method: Online with personalized tutoring optional
  • Website: https://www.judymillernclexreview.com/

9. Mometrix

Mometrix offers free online study programs, practice test questions, and lab value lectures.

  • Pros: Has 40+ graphics and detailed lectures to help you study weak areas
  • Cons: Does not offer a paced program; it is a review option only.
  • Cost: Free program online; books are $15-25
  • Delivery method: Online study
  • Website: https://www.mometrix.com/academy/nclex-exam/

10. Becker Professional Education

Becker offers a comprehensive approach to studying for the NCLEX exam and gives you the ability to choose between online programs and a textbook option.

  • Pros: The online program UWorld provides three months of access to flashcards, discussion boards, question banks, two simulated exams, and the textbook.
  • Cons: The cheaper options do not provide as many online options
  • Cost: $399 for complete program. The book is $65
  • Delivery method: Online study
  • Website: https://www.becker.com/nclex.html

11. Platinum Tests Simulator

If you are looking for a money-back guarantee program, then check out Platinum Tests Simulator for the NCLEX. It offers a 100% guarantee if you have received good or exceptional marks on the overall test and do not pass the exam.

  • Pros: Online program does not have an expiration date and can be used as long as you want it. It also offers unlimited practice tests for you to work on at home. Testing is interactive and provides clarification on your strengths and weaknesses when testing.
  • Cons: No book study or live options available.
  • Cost: $90
  • Delivery method: Online program only
  • Website: https://www.platinumed.com/ptests-students

12. Feuer Nursing Review

With 40 years of test preparation experience and a 93% NCLEX passing rate, take some time and check out Feuer Nursing Review.

  • Pros: Has multiple study options to help meet everyone’s needs. You can sign up for Live lectures, online courses, or listen to a CD-based talk to help you relearn some critical concepts.
  • Cons: Too many choices and it is difficult to choose what you need.
  • Cost: 1 month – $199, 2 months – $250, 3 months – $300, and Lifetime Access $475. Live Review – $449
  • Delivery method: Online and In-person
  • Website: https://feuernursingreview.com

13. Career Improvement Consulting

If you want a review course that covers all body systems and available in different languages, check out Career Improvement Consulting.

  • Pros: The full program can be purchased, but if you want specific reviews (Acid-Base Laboratory Values, Basic Nursing Skills, Nursing Concepts, Patient Challenges, and Body-Specific programs) you can purchase these separately.
  • Cons: Online options only. No Live or Book options available
  • Cost: $649 for six months access, $349 for three months access
  • Delivery method: Online Only
  • Website: https://cicnurse.com

14. Simple Nursing

Simple Nursing provides 800 questions with detailed rationales to help you pass the NCLEX exam. It also teaches you how to look at questions to answer them correctly.

  • Pros: The program creates a calendar to help you organize your studying times. It also schedules how much time you should give to specific modules based upon your performance. If you need extra help with certain sections, it provides access to YouTube videos and mnemonics to help you grasp difficult topics.
  • Cons: No book or Live options available
  • Cost: 90 days access – $129. One year access $199
  • Delivery method: Online only
  • Website: https://simplenursing.com

15. Capscare Academy for Healthcare Education

This program was specifically designed for Florida nurses who had already failed the exam three times and was created as a remedial course. It can also be used for first-time test takers.

16. ReMar Review NCLEX

With four content lecture DVDs and 4 NCLEX workbooks, ReMar Review can help prepare you for the NCLEX. It has updated information for 2019 pharmacology and NextGen questions to help you excel.

  • Pros: The self-study program offers a six- week plan to help you review core content while building up your self-confidence. The program also provides a Live and streaming-live option that can help you interact with teachers during the review process.
  • Cons: Does not offer an interactive online program; book and DVD methods only.
  • Cost: DVD program – $289
  • Delivery method: Book and DVD methods and LIVE options.
  • Website: https://remarnurse.com

17. Excel Nursing Review

Excel Nursing Review allows you to go through the review process in a classroom format.

  • Pros: The in-person review program has a 95% passing rate. It includes a team of nurse educators and clinical nurse specialist to help you review and ready yourself for the NCLEX
  • Cons: No online, book, or downloadable content
  • Cost: $590
  • Delivery method: In-person only in Chicago, IL and Sunnyvale, CA
  • Website: http://excellnursingreview.com/index.html

18. D & D NCLEX Review

If you are looking for a traditional studying with an in-depth approach, consider working with D&D NCLEX Review. Along with the traditional study methods, the program offers one-on-one tutoring.

  • Pros: One-on-one tutoring can help students identify weak areas and teach them strategies to overcome poor testing skills. The tutor can help motivate and strengthen the confidence of the student who may be struggling; in addition, tutoring will help those who are struggling to maintain time management skill with studying.
  • Cons: Tutoring and in-person classes only available in California
  • Cost: $50/hour for 4 hours, $40/hr after that. Minimum of 2 hours per session. Live Review course – $450
  • Delivery method: Live classes, DVD based lectures, personalized tutoring
  • Website: http://www.ddnclexreview.com

19. Esteem Doctor

With a convenient 2-day or 5-day review program, you can customize the needs of your group class to fit your needs.

  • Pros: Provides a complete review of the nursing process with a compassionate voice. It also will spend dedicated time to review pharmacology and whole body analysis.
  • Cons: The website does not provide specific details about books
  • Cost: 2 day class – $200/person. 5-day class – $500/person
  • Delivery method: In-person only
  • Website: http://esteemdoctor.com

20. Global NCLEX Review Center

Global NCLEX Review is a specialized thinking process to help students understand the complexity of the questions and incorporate through the age-appropriate body systems.

  • Pros: The program is available to first-time students, those who have previously failed, ESL students, or graduated from an international program.
  • Cons: No online options
  • Cost: No price given online
  • Delivery method: In-person only
  • Website: https://globalnclexreviewcenter.com

21. KSK Training Center

If you are wanting an all-inclusive approach in a live classroom, then consider the KSK training center in Gardena, CA.

  • Pros: The program offers critical thinking strategies while working through all the significant points of Nursing Fundamentals. It has dedicated content focused on maternity, newborn, pharmacology, nursing leadership, and community health. The teacher is a nationally certified nurse educator.
  • Cons: In-person only, no online options
  • Cost: $650
  • Delivery method: In-person in Gardena, CA
  • Website: http://ksktrainingcenter.com

22. Lifesavers Nursing NCLEX Review

With multiple locations all over California and Ontario, you can attend a 3-day LIVE NCLEX review to help prepare you for the NCLEX.

  • Pros: The instructors are trained in the newer testing styles and can offer you a high-quality test review.
  • Cons: In-person only. No online options
  • Cost: $450 (offers a discounted price with group registrations of 3 or more nurses for $425). Question bank $50. Review book $100
  • Delivery method: In-person only for review. Book options and a Question bank
  • Website: http://www.lifesaversnursingreview.com

23. Monsbey College

A California based in-person program offering 60 hours of NCLEX review.

  • Pros: The program is three weeks long or there a secondary self-paced program on Monday-Wednesday evenings.
  • Cons: No online options available
  • Cost: $750
  • Delivery method: In-person study.
  • Website: http://www.monsbey.com/nclex.html

24. Sylvia Ray

Sylvia Ray is an international nursing consulting company that provides nursing leadership and innovative solutions for nursing education since 1980. The company provides study materials, live review courses, and online review courses organized around the current NCLEX test plan. The classes last for 3 days and you have access to online videos for 90 days.

  • Pros: 99% pass rate since 1980, have a free online question bank
  • Cons: –
  • Cost: $350
  • Delivery method: In-person only.
  • Website: https://sylviarayfield.org

25. Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen’s company provides an international approach to help you study for the NCLEX exam. It offers classes in the US, Canada, Philippines, Middle East, and Africa.

  • Pros: Offers a 35-day boot camp to help those who are struggling to pass the NCLEX.
  • Cons: Boot camp only offered in select cities. It’s very pricy.
  • Cost: Total tuition is $2,800 ($800 is paid upon registration and the reset on the first day of class)
  • Delivery method: In-person and online options
  • Website: https://www.rachellallen.com

26. Access Mobile Nursing Review

Access Mobile Nursing Review offers you a complete NCLEX review package with the full course, videos, practice questions, ebooks, and core content reviews.

  • Pros: A financially cheaper option than most programs.
  • Cons: No in-person options available.
  • Cost: $300 usually. 2019 grads can get a 50% discount.
  • Delivery method: Computer-based only
  • Website: https://accessmobilenursingreview.com

27. Ascend Review Institute

A California based in-person program to help you prepare for the NCLEX.

  • Pros: Offers weekend classes in varying locations. You will get focused lectures, review materials, and an online practice test to help evaluate your readiness for the test. Included in the program is also an individualized evaluation to help find your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cons: No online option available
  • Cost: $799
  • Delivery method: In person only
  • Website: http://ascendreviewinstitute.com

28. CPS Nursing

Dr. Cochran provides an in-person review program that has a 98% passing rate for students in and around Glendale, California area.

  • Pros: Offers in-person and DVD programs to help you study. She also offers one-on-one tutoring.
  • Cons: No online study or testing options.
  • Cost: $395 for program. Tutoring $50/hr
  • Delivery method: In-person only
  • Website: http://cpsnursing.com

29. Med-Challenger

  • Pros: The online program covers 40 topics of Nursing theory and has over 3000 NCLEX style questions. The information can be used on a computer or taken with you on a smartphone to help you review anywhere.
  • Cons: No in-person or LIVE options
  • Cost: Offers free program trial. Full price not found online
  • Delivery method: Online only
  • Website: https://www.challengercme.com/online-registered-nurse-training-management-platform

30. Brilliant Nurse

Brilliant Nurse offers a monthly package that can assist you for more extended periods of study. The course provides 2000+ questions and detailed answers with rationales to help you understand the complexity of the questions.

  • Pros: Full access to the program even at a monthly option. The six-month plan has a $65 discount
  • Cons: No in-person or Live options
  • Cost: 3 months – $175, 6 months – $275, 1 month – $75.
  • Delivery method: Online only
  • Website: https://brilliantnurse.com

31. Crush NCLEX

  • Pros: 2000+ questions and an online testing strategy that mimics the real test.
  • Cons: No in-person or Live options.
  • Cost: $249 – Lifetime option. $79 – Basic. $159 – Gold option
  • Delivery method: Online only
  • Website: https://www.crushnclex.com/RN

32. Lecturio

If you are needing specialized lectures for individual concepts, check out Lecturio. It provides a monthly viewing plan with focused questions to help you learn the concepts.

Where should you start?

When you first see this list, you may be overwhelmed initially. How should you choose? Which one is right for you? Which one is the best — the questions can be annoying! Remember, the goal of this article is just to provide options for you. Start by sitting down and write down your preferred style of learning. If you need an online option, then cross off the only in-person ones. Or, if you know you need a one-on-tutor, then obviously the online options will not work for you. Another way to help you choose a plan is to talk to other nurses and see which review option that they used. They will be able to tell you pro’s and con’s that they discovered while using the program.

For students who have already attempted testing and have failed, it can be helpful to look at your previous studying to see if the plan you chose was workable for you. Did you like how it kept you accountable? Did it work for your schedule? Were you able to understand the rationale and testing questions to be able to deduce the answer? Were you calm during the testing? If these answers are no, strongly consider a personalized tutor or in-person class for a review. This does not mean that you are going to be a lousy nurse; it just means that you need to learn differently. You may already know the body systems very well, but the testing anxiety can ruin your thinking abilities. Having a coach and a healthy mental mindset can help you approach the test with a positive and clear mind.

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