LPN to BSN Programs in California

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Azusa Pacific University
Azusa, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 84.20%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #62

Biola University
La Mirada, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 82.60%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #69

California State University-Chico
Chico, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 95.80%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #10

California State University-East Bay
Hayward, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 86.00%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #54

California State University-Fullerton
Fullerton, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 91.80%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #27

California State University-Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 96.80%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #7

California State University-Northridge
Northridge, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 88.60%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #41

California State University-Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 95.90%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #9

California State University-San Marcos
San Marcos, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 95.90%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #9

California State University-Stanislaus
Turlock, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 96.80%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #7

Dominican University of California
San Rafael, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 79.60%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #74

Holy Names University
Oakland, CA

Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 88.30%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #42

Mount Saint Mary's University
Los Angeles, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 73.50%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #85

Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 86.50%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #52

San Jose State University
San Jose, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 89.30%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #35

West Coast University-Los Angeles
North Hollywood, CA

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 88.00%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #45

Closed LPN to BSN Programs

Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA
Program closed in 2012

If you are currently a licensed vocational nurse in the State of California and are looking to advance your nursing career, then an LVN/LPN to BSN program might just suit your needs. Completing this program will enable an LPN to become a registered nurse and eventually earn a higher salary.

The average LPN salary in the country is about $46,000 each year while the average RN annual salary is about $78,000 annually. When going from being a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse, there is an expected 67% salary increase. Exact figures vary depending on several factors including which CA city you are going to work in.

Apart from additional financial benefits, nurses in California that have obtained their BSN degree have a substantial advantage over the lesser educated LPNs. This means that choosing a job is much easier when you are able to secure a BSN degree.

Here is a review of some of the nursing schools in the California that provide LPN to BSN:

Azusa Pacific University

Though a private college might seem farfetched for many due to financial reasons, a recent research from Kiplinger showed that the actual value of such universities may just prove this postulation wrong. Azusa Pacific University was listed on the Kiplinger Top 100 Best Values in Private Colleges. If are aiming to finish your BSN degree, the school also offers scholarships and grants, even gift aid financial support which do not require repayment.

There are two programs that are available to licensed practical nurses which are the licensed vocational nurse to BSN and the LVN to RN program which is a 30-unit option.

LPNs are evaluated based on their individual academic accomplishments. Credit is also given for transferable general education courses. The UNRS 105 or first year nursing course is waived for currently licensed LPNs.

Dominican University of California

This school’s nursing department knows that nursing is a fulfilling career. Their goal is to prepare every student who wants nursing to be able to meet the minimum requirements in the program.

A student that is admitted to DU is tracked based on his 8-course prerequisite, GPA and his length of stay in the campus. To be accepted into any nursing program, an applicant must pass the 8 required courses with a minimum grade of C or a GPA or 3.0. Those who failed two or more of these required classes are automatically disqualified from the program. Also, prior to entering to the LPN to BSN program, the school requires that students be medically cleared to ensure patient well-being and safety.

Listed below are all 17 LPN to BSN programs in California: