LPN to ADN Programs in Kansas

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Cloud County Community College
Concordia, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 89.90%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #7

Colby Community College
Colby, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 72.70%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #25

Dodge City Community College
Dodge City, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 74.40%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #21

Fort Scott Community College
Fort Scott, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 88.60%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #11

Hesston College
Hesston, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 85.50%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #15

Hutchinson Community College
Hutchinson, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 77.90%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #20

Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 94.00%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #1

Kansas City Kansas Community College
Kansas City, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 74.20%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #22

Labette Community College
Parsons, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 91.80%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #3

Manhattan Area Technical College
Manhattan, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 89.60%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #8

Neosho County Community College
Chanute, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 79.70%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #19

Pratt Community College
Pratt, KS

Avg. NCLEX-RN pass rate: 50.10%
NCLEX-RN Rank: #29

The Kansas State Board of Nursing has reported that there are 9,920 licensed practical nurses as opposed to the 43,325 RNs in the year 2010. The Kansas Department of Labor or KDL has foretold that job vacancies in the health care and social assistance industries will continue to go up by 22% by the year 2016. Registered nurses are third on the state’s list of top ten growing occupations.

The same KDL report also pointed out that Kansas will need approximately 8,350 LPNs and RN  need will be at 29,700 by the year 2016. This is a good time to get into nursing. If you are already a nurse with LPN license, you can easily advance your license to RN through LPN to ADN bridge program.

Here are some programs that you can consider:

Metropolitan Community College

With its campus in Penn Valley, this school accepts applications every first Thursday in February up until the third Thursday of that same month for their summer classes (June); and the first Thursday in May up until the third Thursday of May for fall enrollees (August).

If you are currently a licensed practical nurse, then going up the career ladder and being able to receive a higher salary means you have to become an RN. The LPN to ADN program is the easiest route that you can take in order to achieve this. This one year program gives credit for your training and experience which means you can bridge the gap from practical nursing to ADN.

A certificate is awarded to students that are able to satisfy the requirements for the LPN to ADN program. The college also meets the highest standards when it comes to the field of nursing education. Their program is accredited by The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Hutchinson Community College

The LPN to ADN program in this school can be taken online or the traditional way. The online option is a comprehensive program that offers web-based coursework with lab work and clinicals. Lasting a year, this online program is often the quickest route that LPNs take to become an RN. The traditional way may take up to two years.

A licensed practical nurse may request for Advanced Placement in either of these programs. A graduate receives an Associate degree which, when the student chooses, can be a stepping stone to the baccalaureate program.