Heritage University

College Type: Four or more years, Private not-for-profit


LPN Program

The Heritage College Nursing Program is intended to prepare students with a range of nursing qualifications from entry level to advance degrees.

The curriculum combined theoretical in class instruction with practical clinical experience and opportunities for involvement in the local community.

Admission Requirements

  • A student who has met graduation requirements from an accredited high school is eligible for admission.
  • Heritage University also admits students who have successfully completed testing requirements for a GED.
  • the college recommends that prospective students complete three years of English, three years of history, one year of laboratory science, two years of mathematics, and four years of other academic subjects such as language, social science, etc.

The following academic tracks are on offer at heritage:

  1. Practical Nursing Certificate: Students enrolled in this program are offered the same nursing coursework as the Associate Degree in Nursing. Students who wish to continue to earn an ASN degree will be required to complete all General Education requirements.  Graduates in from the program are eligible to sit for the National Council Examination to be licensed as a practical nurse.
  2. PN Associate of Science: Students enrolled in this program will be offered a combination of Practical Nursing with prerequisite courses. This track offers students the chance to practice as LPN’s before going on to pursue further nursing education. Graduates are licensed by the National Council of Licensure
  3. LPN-RN: This track offers licensed Practical Nurses to upgrade their qualification

Students accepted in to any of the nursing options will have to submit proof of a current physical exam, CPR certification for health care providers, drug screening, criminal background check and other requirements. 

Students who successfully complete the required PN and concurrent course work are eligible to take the State Board Practical Nursing Examination leading to licensure as a practical nurse (LPN). Students that have their LPN are then able to apply for the LPN to RN ADN Bridge Program.

State board of nursing approval: Fully Approved
Average NCLEX PN passrate (3 years): 74.88%
Average number of students tested annually: 23
Program accreditations: Not Accredited
Available Study Options
Fulltime Parttime On Campus Online Hybrid Weekend Evening

School's NCLEX PN Passrate History

Annual NCLEX PN passrate data and the number of students who took the exam at Heritage University as reported by Washington state board of nursing.

Passrate (%)
Year Students Tested School National Avg
2012 22 63.64 92.83
2011 20 65 90.32
2010 26 96 89.66
2009 23 78 90.11
2008 28 86 88.28
2007 27 92.6 87.91
2006 26 73.1 91.59