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School of Nursing & Allied Health

The Casa Loma Vocational Nurisng program is designed to train nurses which make an important part of the health care team responsible for diagnosing illnesses, medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as patient education.

This program offers the skills and knowledge to offer professional care to the sick, injured and disabled by offering students hands-on nursing experience during clinical practice in clinical setting. Clinical rotations are provided by affiliate health care facilities around the college.

Graduates of the LVN program can find employment in a range of health care setting including, hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, nursing facilities, etc.

The program consists of 577 hours of theoretical in class instruction, 954 hours of clinical and laboratory practice. The program is offered on a full time and part time basis. After the program is completed, the college offers NCLEX prep.

Basic Admission Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalency
  • Documented pass on State Proficiency Test
  • College transcripts if applicable
  • Pass admission evaluation (math and reading) for the program
  • Personal interview with Program Director
State board of nursing approval: Fully Approved
Average NCLEX PN passrate (3 years): 72.67%
Average number of students tested annually: 103
Program accreditations: Not Accredited
Available Study Options
Fulltime Parttime On Campus Online Hybrid Weekend Evening

NCLEX PN Passrate History

Annual NCLEX PN passrate data and the number of students who took the exam at Casa Loma College - Van Nuys as reported by California state board of nursing.

Passrate (%)
Year Students Tested School National Avg
2012 96 56 71.45
2011 104 74 88.22
2010 107 88 87.53
2009 123 71 88.47
2008 119 89 87.58
2007 101 90 85.88
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