Daniel Gerber Sr. Medallion Scholarship

Award Type: Scholarship

Applicant must be a resident of Newaygo County, Michigan, attending one of the five district schools in Newaygo County. GPA of 3.71 is required.

Award Amount

Maximum: $2,000
Minimum: $2,000
Average: $2,000

Number of Awards

Average: 20

Applicants: 68

Deadlines & Renewal

February 28
Renewal is required by July 1 of each year provided recipient maintains at least a "C" average.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 3.00

More Details

Sponsoring Organization

The Gerber Foundation

4747 West 48th Street, Suite 153
Fremont, MI 49412

(231) 924-3175
(231) 924-7906

Contact Information

Catherine Obits
Program Manager

(231) 924-7906

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