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Scholarships with Deadlines in July

Design Grant

To apply for one of the two student scholarship grants, applicant must be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in an art or design program. To apply for the one open grant, anyone may apply, with the exclusion of those applying for student grant (alumni and other...

  • Amount: $4,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 21

AHHS Foundation Scholarship

The applicant must be a high school senior or recent graduate. Selection is based on academic achievement, financial need, community service, involvement with Hackney Horses and the letters of recommendation.

  • Amount: $2,500 (average)
  • Deadline: July 15

Ed Frickey Memorial Scholarship

Students must be a college sophomore, junior or senior and have been involved with American Hackney Horses or Ponies. Selection is based on academic success, financial need, community service and extracurricular activities.

  • Amount: $2,500 (average)
  • Deadline: July 15

Student Leadership Award

Selection is based upon essay, letters of recommendation, civic involvement, personal statement, and extracurricular activities.

  • Amount: Not Available
  • Deadline: July 15

Mary Ann Reinert Nursing Scholarship

Selection is based upon description of career goals, volunteer and work experience, awards/honors, letters of recommendation, transcript, class rank, GPA, and financial need. Applicant must be enrolled full-time in an approved nursing or other health-related program and must be a resident in the...

  • Amount: $300 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 1

Easy Scholarship: Do Something Fun With Your Friend

No minimum GPA or essay required. This scholarship is open to people ages 13 to 25. You must also live in the U.S. or have U.S citizenship. You could win an easy $5,000 scholarship by finding an activity your friend loves to do and asking them to do it with you. Instructions to make an IOU ("I...

  • Amount: $5,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 31, August 16, August 31

Easy Scholarship: Take Shorter Showers to Save Water

No minimum GPA or essay required. This scholarship is open to people ages 13 to 25. You must also live in the U.S. or have U.S citizenship. Share a 5-minute playlist with a friend to remind them to keep their shower under 5 minutes. That?ll save up to 1,500 gallons of water this year and...

  • Amount: $1,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 31, August 31

Summer Development Grant Program

Award looks to assist students who do not meet the criteria for admission to one of the state's public universities. Award will assist with financial need pay for the Summer Development Program during the summer preceding the freshman year of college.

  • Amount: $3,000 (average)
  • Deadline: July 31

Borck Memorial Scholarship

Award is open to high school students whose academic performance in high school is sufficient to gain college admission. Applicant must exhibit good citizenship and an interest in golf. Good citizenship includes participating in community service and having a potential for leadership. Interest...

  • Amount: Not Available
  • Deadline: July 23

Huntington Library/WHA Martin Ridge Fellowship for Study in Western History

Award is one month's study at the Huntington Library. A two to three page description of research specifying materials to be used indicating progress status on the project and three copies of project's curriculum vitae required.

  • Amount: $2,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 15

Caughey Western History Association Prize

Award is given for the most distinguished book on the history of the American west. Applicant must submit a published book.

  • Amount: $2,500 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 15

Rennie Taylor/Alton Blakeslee Fellowship

Application, resume, transcript of undergraduate studies (if student), three samples of writing (on 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets only), a short statement of career goals and why you want to study science writing, and a description of the journalism program and courses you plan to pursue are required...

  • Amount: $2,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 1

Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest

Applicants must write a four- to five-page essay on the provided topic. Recent topic choices have been, "Why I am an atheist/agnostic/unbeliever," "Growing up a freethinker" or "Rejecting religion." More details about the topic are available online.

  • Amount: $3,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 1

TonaLaw Veteran's Scholarship

Applicants must start college within six months or already be students at an accredited college or university who are veterans of any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States. Students must attend school inside the United States.

  • Amount: $1,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 31 (Fall), November 30 (Spring)

American Legion Baseball Scholarship

Applicants must have graduated high school and be nominated by a head coach or team manager. One player per department (state) will be selected. Nominations should be sent to the local Department Headquarters. Scholarships may be used to further education at any accredited college, university or...

  • Amount: $5,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 15

DMC Digital Marketing Essay Scholarship

Applicants must have declared a marketing-related major or minor at a U.S. university, college, technical or online school and demonstrate ambition and desire for marketing and digital marketing. Students must be U.S. citizens or legal residents. Applicants must submit an essay discussing small...

  • Amount: $500 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 30

Clem Judd, Jr., Memorial Scholarship

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, be a resident of Hawaii, be able to prove Hawaiian ancestry and be a junior or senior enrolled full-time at a U.S. university or college.

  • Amount: $2,500 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 31

Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, be pursuing a degree in an art or history discipline, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have unmet financial need that is verified by the college or university financial aid office. UNCF students are encouraged to complete...

  • Amount: $5,000 (average)
  • Deadline: July 29

Quanta Picosecond Laser Annual Scholarship

Applicants must enrolled in an accredited college or university for the upcoming year. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 and plan to pursue education in engineering, physics, medicine, biology or natural or applied sciences.

  • Amount: $1,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 31

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Fund

Applicants must be women of any age pursuing a business or business-related program who demonstrate outstanding potential. Applicants must also have an outstanding academic record in their college career, and they must show intent to complete a business program.

  • Amount: $7,000 (maximum)
  • Deadline: July 1
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