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ADN vs. BSN – The Big Debate

Obtaining your BSN will open many doors for you in your nursing career. A BSN makes nurses more desirable to employers who may want to hire someone who has advanced education. Most nurses after they have worked the floors for many years get burnt out and need a slower pace or feel they need a change. With a BSN, you can move into management. Management is highly recognized and can lead to a large pay increase. You earn respect from employees and learn to be a leader. An ADN teaches the nursing student fundamental and basics of nursing. Those include creating care plans and performing everyday nursing skills. With a BSN, the nurse has to think more outside the box, with creditable research, leadership, […]

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Getting Your Nursing License

Ok, now you’ve finished your education and you are ready to get licensed so you can find a job and start nursing! There’s one more test you have to take. The NCLEX exam (National Council Licensure Examination) which is given across the country. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is responsible for the content and design of these exams. There are only two tests—the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. After you pass the RN licensure exam, you will not have to worry about it ever again! BSN, MSN and doctorate prepared nurses are still Registered Nurses. There’s no other licensure exam to take. Even though the name includes the word “National”, passing this exam does not give you a […]

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